A reminder that economic justice is a civil rights issue. For whatever other benefits and drawbacks a universal basic income has, there are indications from trials in central India that such schemes greatly accelerate women’s empowerment.

A reminder that the single-number gender pay gap, while also an incomplete metric in other ways, drastically undersells the earning situation of women of color—as of 2015, Hispanic women earn 58 cents on the dollar compared to white men. (Black women earn 65 cents.)

A reminder that you know a woman who has been sexually assaulted or raped, just by sheer statistics, and that you likely know dozens. (Using this one-in-six number, which seems potentially low, and assuming that most people know 200 women, the chances of none of them being a victim of sexual assault is 0.0000000013%.)

A reminder that striking works, whether it is for civil rights, for labor-related causes, or anything else.

A reminder that significant portions of mainstream coverage of today’s strike nod at biological sex rather than identified gender, even as new studies indicate that the transgender population in the United States (>1.4 million) is at least as large the number of active-duty military members.

A reminder that feminism is more than counting the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, and includes not only WOC who are here but billions of women worldwide.

And a reminder to myself that having to tie a tie—my only red article of clothing—and having to eat fruit and some three-day-old babka instead of buying my normal lunch pales in comparison to everything I do not have to endure on the internet, on the street, in the workplace, everywhere.

Reminders for solidarity.
But also reminders for action.
The work continues.

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