The Single Worst Logo

This reflection was originally posted on October 24, 2016. 

In honor of the World Series kicking off tomorrow, I share this to warn any Cubs supporters I meet who are not actually connected to Chicago why they will be thrown into the pit of sorrows at the conclusion of this series.

I also wish to remind people that if they make this entire series about the Cubs (the way that the ALDS was made entirely about the Red Sox and the ALCS was made entirely about the Blue Jays), they are going to miss perhaps the best opportunity for the next 68 years to have an actual national conversation about the single worst logo in all of sports and how the ownership should stop making a finances-based decision about whether the logo stays or goes.

Per a PPP poll, 82% of Trump supporters (remember, Ohio may still vote for Trump) currently support the logo and are opposed to any kind of change. Previous attempts to de-emphasize the logo have been softpedaled because the remaining merchandise that the team sells with the logo are consistently the best sellers.

This is the larger problem with majoritarian rule: if you’re going to wait around for people in the majority to sympathize on a large scale, you’ll be waiting around quite a while. This is perhaps the strongest argument in my mind for the utility of our Constitution: to allow oppressed minorities of all kinds to level the playing field. Otherwise, why bother with a judicial branch at all?

And, well, if you don’t believe that the NA community is particularly oppressed in this country, in light of the Dakota Access Pipeline events, the persistent poverty rates for people who live on reservations (on some of the largest reservations, over 50% and potentially higher if you restrict to families with children), and the fact that Native Americans did not receive the right to vote UNTIL 1957 in many states…then maybe there’s another reason we should have this conversation.

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