Different Fights

I wore a pink hat, but I also marched with a legal hotline number Sharpie’d on my arm.
The clearly affluent lady standing next to me near the starting point of the march also wore a pink hat. She held a sign that said “America Is Already Great” and, clearly unaware of its significance, made fun of a “Water is Life” poster.
We have a common foe, but we were preparing for different marches. We are preparing for different fights, even different realities, over the next four years.
Early estimates are pegging march attendance nationwide at no fewer than 1.3 million people (and given the incompleteness of the reports so far, my estimate would be closer to 2 million). This is a tremendous base from which to mobilize, not even counting those who could not attend for any number of reasons.
But not all of them are going to recognize what should be basic tenets of the civil rights battles to come, and fewer still will actually put them into action without guidance and reminders.
We cannot assume the rest of the party will catch up on their own on issues of race/intersectionality, labor, and many others. And indeed, even setting aside the resources they may be able to harness toward these goals, simply being able to keep 1.3 million people engaged in this discussion and the process is a significant thumb on the scale.
They must be willing to listen. But if they are, we must be there to speak.

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